We believe

We believe that pet owners should never be forced to make the impossible decision between the treatment and care their pet needs and what they can afford. Pet insurance can help make that decision easier.

Why should you consider pet insurance?

Pet insurance protects you from large, unexpected expenses so that you can enjoy the ride of pet ownership without the financial rollercoaster. Protect your pet by ensuring that when they get sick or injured and you CAN afford to give them the treatment they need.

Why do we care?

Um… have you seen pets? We love our fur pals like we do all our family members. Just like you, we’ve experienced the shock of an unexpected vet bill forcing us to make an impossible decision between the best care and what we can afford. We started GoodPaw to help you find excellent pet health coverage that fits you and your pet. No one should be in a position where they can’t care for a loved one.

Our Team

Lee Noble

Co-Founder and President

Jeff Shannon

Co-Founder and CFO


Manager of Insurance


Licensed Insurance Agent


Head of Integrations


CRO (Chief Retrieving Officer)


CMO (Chief Milkbone Officer)

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