How to Give a Cat a Pill- Tips & Tricks

Giving a cat a pill can be a challenging task, as cats are often resistant to taking medication and can be quite clever at hiding or spitting out pills. However, with some patience and a few strategies, you can successfully administer medication to your feline friend. Read on for more info.
Stephanie Laming - Licensed Insurance Representative of 11 years & Dog Mum to 5 year old Tina
October 6, 2022
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Here are some steps to follow when giving a cat a pill:

Prepare the pill

If the pill is not already in a crushable form, you may need to crush it. You can do this using a pill crusher or by placing the pill in a plastic bag and crushing it with a rolling pin or other heavy object. Be sure to check with your veterinarian or pharmacist before crushing a pill, as some medications should not be crushed.

Make the pill easier to swallow 

There are a few ways to make the pill easier for your cat to swallow. You can try hiding it in a small amount of wet food or a treat, such as a piece of cheese or mixing in with some plain tuna. You can also try using a pill pocket, which is a treat specifically designed to hold a pill inside.

Administer the pill

Once the pill is prepared and ready to be given, hold your cat gently but firmly in your lap or on a tabletop, or ask someone to assist you. Gently lift the cat’s head and open the mouth by pressing down on the top jaw with your thumb. Place the pill as far back on the tongue as possible, then close the mouth and hold it shut for a few seconds to ensure that the pill is swallowed. If your cat resists or tries to spit out the pill, try offering a small amount of water from a syringe or eyedropper to help wash it down.

Follow up

After giving your cat the pill, it's a good idea to observe your cat for a few minutes to make sure the pill has been swallowed. If you are unsure whether the pill has been swallowed, contact your veterinarian for advice.

Final thoughts

Remember to always follow your veterinarian's instructions when giving your cat medication. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to your veterinarian for guidance.

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