TheDogHood - Dog Community

TheDoghood is a platform built to make connections between dog parents and to form a strong dog community both within your city & beyond! Real People, Real Connections and Real Impact. DogHood mobile app.
The GoodPaw Team
December 20, 2022
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TheDogHood endeavors to instantly plug you into a warm, caring community which will better prepare you for an amazing journey with your dog.

Dog Care Information

TheDogHood is the only dog-care platform dedicated to dog parents. It provides latest and greatest information in dog training in Industry.

Instant Connection

Using this free mobile app dog parents can instantly connect with other dog lovers in the neighborhood and beyond.

Dog-Care Exchange

TheDogHood is the only platform which gives a capability of dog-care exchange (alternate to dog boarding) and best information on Dog Training.

Dog Socialization

TheDogHood provides seamless experience of socializing your dog without sharing personal details. Dog Training and Socialization is the KEY for success.

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